Lion Habitat Ranch: A Roaring Sanctuary

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The lions that once stayed behind the glasses of the long-running unique attraction of the MGM Grand Las Vegas found a permanent home for their twilight years in the lion sanctuary located approximately just 15 minutes south of the Strip in Henderson, Nevada near Henderson homes for sale.

The Lion Habitat Ranch is home to nearly 50 lions, many of which are from the same bloodline as the real-life MGM lion we all have seen in before every MGM film. These lions used to be displayed and contained daily inside the glass-sided lion habitat featured within the MGM Grand casino area since 1999 before it was permanently closed in February 2012 as part of the major hotel and casino renovation at that time.

Shortly after, exotic animal trainer and habitat owner Keith Evans decided to open this nonprofit and educational zoo, which also functions as an exotic wildlife refugee center for lions and other wild animals with permission from the Department of Agriculture, to the public.

Lion Habitat Ranch visitors can wander around the grounds of the 8.5-acre ranch, and see the majestic kings of the jungle extremely up-close upon paying the admission fee. The ranch also gives the visitors an exciting opportunity to hand-feed lions with an additional fee for the food. Just for $100, hand-feeding participants will be given a pound of horse meat for them to ball up and push against the small opening of the cage using the palm of their hand.

There is absolutely no need to worry about the safety during the process of hand-feeding because each participants will be escorted by a ranch staff member, and a piece of Plexiglass, a transparent thermoplastic often used as a shatter-resistant alternative to glass, will be placed between the guest and the lion’s cage. Visitors will also be instructed to leave their hand flat against the cage opening for the lion to lick their palm clean of the meat, and for the visitors to feel a lion’s tongue.

Aside from the lions, the ranch is also home to other wild animals like ostriches and macaws, as well as to the only giraffe in the state of Nevada, Ozzie. Visitors are also given an opportunity to hand-feed him, just like with the lions, with lettuce stalks while having a picture of the hand-feeding moment taken. Moreover, they also have the opportunity to get artworks that were drawn by the artistic Ozzie himself!

The regular ticket price for adult visitors aged 15 and older costs $25 while Henderson locals, senior citizens, military, fire, and police officers can get it for only $20, provided that they present their identification cards. College students can also get a ticket for a lower price of $18, also provided that they present their IDs.

Children, on the other hand, can be admitted for free if they are ages three years old and younger. Additionally, one adult ticket permits free admission of one child aged four to 14. The ranch also sells $10 tickets for every extra child one paying adult is with while it is $8 for locals. There is also a family group rate of $60 for two adults with children under 14, while the same promo is priced $50 for locals.

The ranch assures visitors that the proceeds from the ticket sales all go directly to the care of all the animals they can see and is living in the ranch.

A good addition to summer activities for kids in Henderson, visit the Lion Habitat Ranch open from Friday to Monday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM every summer and 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM every winter. Take a break from the city life, and see the majestic lions for a while in this roaring sanctuary located in 382 Bruner Ave, Henderson, Nevada 89044.

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