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House improvements do more than please the eyes. As most of you might already know, house improvements like remodeling and renovations increase a property’s real estate value. But if there are top 3 house improvements we recommend, here they are.


1.   Landscaping

Improving your lot’s landscaping is beneficial to both your real estate value and your household’s delight. A well-kept backyard and front lawn can have a positive effect on your house’s reselling price. Additionally, having a proper landscaping—may it be a swimming pool, a barbecue area, or just a garden—is a good way to maximize and enjoy the space available and prevent wild grass from overgrowing into tall weeds that could block your house.


2.   Kitchen

The only thing that is permanent is change, as they say. And as seasons change, so does the art of cooking. Because of this, the kitchen is usually remodeled as higher technology kitchen appliances become available and new cooking facilities become a necessity. However, improving your kitchen does not have to be full-blown. Simple replacement of rusted, broken, or outdated faucets, fixtures, sink, pipes, drawers, and built-in cabinets can also be considered as an improvement. Even a quick upgrade of countertops from tiles to granite can contribute to your real estate value.


3.   Basement/Attic

There are many reasons why you should consider improving your basement and/or attic. For one, your basement and attic’s floor area is included in the property’s total square footage. If you made your basement and/or attic a very livable square footage, it could do a lot to increase your real estate value, as there are certain improvements that could make your basement or attic count as another room.


Moreover, it prevents you from neglecting your basement or attic—and you know what could happen to a neglected attic or basement. Rats, roaches, and other pests that could play a part in deteriorating your house can use a neglected attic or basement as a nest. Having a fully furnished and well-kept basement or attic will not only prevent the pests from having a place to nest, but will also provide your household extra living spaces like an additional bedroom, an exercise room, a game room, a media room, or even a music recording studio.


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