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Patio Ideas for your Henderson Home - 89044 Vegas

Warmer months are upon us! As the cold weather slowly passes by, we start spending more of our time enjoying the outdoors. Many locals spend long days at fishing spots near Las Vegas, while golf enthusiasts play all day long at top golf courses in Henderson, NV. There are also a few people, especially kids, who like cooling off at resorts and water parks to beat the heat. Consistently, our focus also starts to shift from fixing our interior home designs to thinking of new outdoor space layouts and patio ideas.

Whether you need some change in the atmosphere or you simply are bored of your current patio design, we can help you redesign your Henderson real estate backyard patio! In preparation for the upcoming summer, here are some creative patio ideas for your Henderson home!


Give room for dining

Beautiful views and fresh air can surely elevate anyone’s dining experience. If you want to enjoy an al fresco dining experience without leaving your Henderson home, why not give some room for dining in your patio?

One of the best outdoor patio ideas is to use the same colors and style of your interior design to make your patio seem like a seamless extension of your indoor living area. You do not to use the same furniture and make an exact duplicate of your indoor dining area though. If available, it would be better to use a variation of the same furniture. For example, if your indoor dining table is a rectangle, then you should use the round version of it for your outdoor dining table. Of course, you may also use a furniture with a totally different design. You just have make sure that it does not look too different from the style of your indoor furniture.

You may also add a bar in your outdoor patio if you like. It may not only give you and your friends a great place to have some late-night conversations, but it also saves you from having to run back and forth with the drink orders!


Create an outdoor kitchen

Similar to having a bar in your outdoor patio, having an outdoor kitchen may also save you from having to run back and forth with cooking and serving food, especially if your patio is not immediately connected to your home. You may design your outdoor kitchen similar to your indoor kitchen, but it would also be great to give it a rougher look and complement its surroundings.

Adding grills as opposed to having a complete outdoor kitchen is a great alternative as well. Throwing barbecue parties with your family, friends, and neighbors will now be easier!


Bring some shade

While thinking of creative patio ideas, it is important to keep in mind that summer days will bring not only harsher sunlight but also unexpected showers. Bring some shade over your outdoor patio by creating a heavy overhead planting or by simply putting a screened pergola. Alternatively, you may also choose using canopies or oversized umbrellas to provide some shade to your patio if they suit your ideal outdoor patio design more.

If you are wary that the Henderson summer temperature may get worse than the usual, you also have the choice to put a completely closed roof over your outdoor patio. Adding ceiling fans and surrounding the patio with more plants are also great patio ideas to keep yourself cool despite the heat!


Add an element of water

Along with having ceiling fans and plants surrounding your outdoor patio, adding an element of water to your patio designs would also help in keeping your summer days cool!

You may put a mini waterfall behind your outdoor kitchen or create a mini pond to serve as a focal point of the patio. You may also have a fountain and place it at the center of the area. Whatever you decide on, an element of water will surely be a great addition to your patio.


Incorporate a fireplace or a fire pit

Warm summer days does not guarantee warm summer nights, especially in Henderson. If you would love to stay outside despite the cool evenings, one of the most common but nonetheless great backyard patio ideas is to incorporate a fireplace in your patio designs. You may also choose to add a fire pit instead of a fireplace as well if you would like to gather people around the fire and cook some s’mores while you talk the night away.

Additionally, a fireplace or a fire pit instantly becomes a great focal point of the backyard patio. After choosing the location and design of your fireplace or fire pit, you can now decide the arrangement of your furniture as well as their designs.


Break the space with different seating areas

Patio designs usually focus on one action. Like the ideas listed above, you can turn your outdoor patio into an outdoor dining area and share meals in an al fresco setting, or make it a great place for late night conversations and hangouts by putting a fire pit. However, you may also incorporate various elements and use many of your patio ideas to provide different areas for different activities, especially if you have a large outdoor patio area. You may have both an outdoor living and dining area in your patio, or have both a bar and fire pit in one setting. It is up to you!

Moreover, you can use the unmovable variables in your patio to your advantage when planning various seating areas instead of seeing them as barriers to your patio designs. For example, if you have a large tree in the middle of your patio, you can use it as a divider between your outdoor living area and outdoor dining area. Likewise, if you have uneven flooring, you can use it as a separation of two areas.


Those are just few patio ideas to help feed your creative mind. Whatever patio designs you choose to use for your Henderson real estate patio, make sure that it will enhance your summer days!

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