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Nevada is a state with a diverse set of attractions and events that any resident or visitor should experience. While it is imperative to go to The Strip, it will be a more thrilling experience if you explore the obscure and unconventional side of the state. For a little spontaneity, try these unique things while you are around browsing for Henderson and Las Vegas homes for sale to help you decide if a home in Nevada is for you.



Hidden in the 4th floor of The Crystal’s Louis Vuitton Store is this ethereal light exhibit by artist James Turrell. Here, you will find yourself inside chambers embedded with vibrant lights that, when once lit, will make feel like you are transported to a separate world of living colors. It is so surreal that it could be difficult to locate the way out when the whole chamber is covered by lights. This exhibit is free of charge but because of its increasing popularity, you will have to make reservations to experience it.


Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

At the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, a 140-acre natural area of ponds and trails, you have the chance to watch birds on their native habitat. It is an undisturbed environment which serves as a home to a number of endemic and migratory birds. You get to see a different flock every season so it is truly a unique attraction every time you visit!


Seven Magic Mountains

Created by artist Ugo Rondinone, these vivid pillars of boulders symbolize the two faces of Las Vegas: the winding natural section and the rapidly paced metro part. It is a Pop Art inspired artwork that is both easy to the mind and soul, making it one of the top avant-garde attractions to visit in the city. The exhibit is free of charge – you can pull over easily and snap photos to your content but you should beware of snakes!


The Simpsons House

If you are a fan of perhaps the longest running American animated program, then you should check out this property in Henderson, Nevada. Back in 1997, Fox and Pepsi teamed up to create an exact replica of the abode of the Simpson family, right from the simple structure, to the yellow paint, to the flamboyant furniture. However, it became a private property in 2001 and has been then refurbished as a regular home but the traces of what once The Simpsons home replica is still evident. Currently, you can only view it from across the street.


Todd’s Unique Dining

Located at East Sunset Road, Henderson, Nevada, Todd’s Unique Dining is a sparse and modest restaurant, a hidden gem from the heap of restaurants in the city. Despite being small and quaint in appearance and atmosphere, the restaurant has extravagant food and service offerings perfect for a break from searching for Las Vegas homes!


Secret Pizza

Similar to Todd’s Unique Dining, this secret pizza at The Cosmopolitan is unmarked by a name nor a logo. The entrance is a featureless white door which could be mistaken for another ordinary room. Once inside, you will be welcomed by a hallway plastered with old records. The spacious area has comfy seats and a billiard set. Of course, you can order pizza and enjoy the untapped lavishness the place offers.

Through its little known pockets, you will discover more of Nevada! Look for Henderson and Las Vegas properties for sale now, so you could be close to these attractions!

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